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THOP Program/Services


The House of Promise’s mission is to provide women survivors of sex trafficking a safe place to heal and recover from the destructive patterns of abuse.


Our holistic full-time residential program is best described as Intensive Case Management, as it addresses the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual needs of each of our residents.


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Safe residential living
Long-term housing (up to two years)
Staffed 24/7
Warm home environment


Mental Health Services

Trained staff that provides trauma-informed care

In-house entry mental health assessment by a licensed clinical therapist

Access to therapy and treatment for trauma and addiction

In-house counseling

Group therapy sessions by a licensed clinical therapist

Customized addiction recovery support


Medical & Wellness Services

Access to medical treatment & dental services

Transportation to medical appointments

Financial supplemental assistance for medical care and prescriptions

Exercise and fitness classes

Health and wellness workshops

Promote healthy cooking and eating


Literacy & Education


GED/high school completion program

Access to vocational training


Life Navigation

Case management

Job search and placement

Job counseling and training

Job interview readiness

Support to transition to independent living

Continuation of support post-graduation from our program

Financial management workshops


 Other Services:

Provide opportunities for spiritual growth

Music and art therapy

Outdoor space for gardening






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