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Human Trafficking-The Facts


The Ugly Truth


100,000 girls are taken in the USA a year and it's the fastest growing crime in the world.
Michigan is one of the top 2 states in Human Trafficking.
115-150 young Michigan girls are taken or seduced into sex slavery every month.
The average age is 12 years of age--these are young children.
Life expectancy of a trafficked girl is 5 to 7 Years.
It's the second largest crime in the world, behind drugs and ahead of guns.
 Many are taken from malls where the traffickers stalk and seduce them.
90% of sex trafficked girls come in the world come from United States – Michigan State Police
Michigan ranks #2 in the nation for human trafficking right behind Nevada, and adds to the 1.5 million cases of human trafficking in America.
Some say that the reason Michigan ranks so high is because of its close proximity to Canada.
150 Michigan girls are taken and seduced into sex slavery every month
-Detroit Free Press-


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