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Our History


The House of Promise was founded by Shari Montgomery, former owner of the Pollack Glass Company. From her vision, we developed a plan to help survivors of human sex trafficking, into a team aimed at raising awareness about human sex trafficking, and restoring the quality of life for young women and girls leaving the system.

Starting out as just an idea, we are now an established nonprofit engaged in community outreach and engagement. Our success is propelled largely by the kind individuals and organizations who have chosen to help in our fight against human sex trafficking.  


Bloom Shoppe is an online store of natural handcrafted home goods and beauty products. Our growing line of products is thoughtfully designed and handmade by women survivors of sex trafficking in our program.

Financial freedom is a vital step in the recovery journey of every survivor. Many survivors face unemployment barriers and struggle to become financially self-sufficient. Bloom Shoppe is an initiative established by The House of Promise to provide safe and supported professional development and gateway employment opportunities for women in our program.

Shop today and give survivors an opportunity to live life in full bloom!


"I have been given a purpose. It begins with a home where young women and girls can find refuge and be loved again. A safe haven for girls from 12 to 22 years old, who have been victims of trafficking or sexual abuse. It is my passion to help provide the restoration and recovery that is essential for healing the deep wounds they carry."

Shari Montgomery, President & Founder The House of Promise


The House of Promise is a restoration house that serves as a place to guide trafficked women to a survivor, from a survivor to overcomer.


The House of Promise is built on FAITH and carries HOPE for each rescued woman. We serve with unconditional LOVE for every woman that walks through the door; offering education, guidance and support until each woman uncovers and finds their God-given purpose, fully healed, fully restored and full of peace.



To rescue trafficked victims and empower them to become healed, restored and successful.



The lotus flower is a symbol for success, beauty, renewal and spiritual awakening. The flowers life begins in muddy, murky water as it eventually rises to become a beautiful flower floating on the water's surface...

a perfect symbol for the journey many make in life, and a reminder that all can rise through darkness to find our way to beauty and light.






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